Current Pandemic and Funerals

We would like to share some information relating to funeral arrangements and funeral services during this difficult time. 
At present we are open, but we respectfully ask you to only visit us if it is essential.


Much of the following weighs heavily on our hearts at this time. We are used to working with families to create a bespoke service to reflect the life of the deceased, and we understand that these restrictions are incredibly difficult for the families that we serve.

Where possible we are encouraging people to arrange a funeral via email or video call or over the telephone. 


We can offer the use of our chapel of rest as a chance to say goodbye if you have chosen cremation, but this is restricted to five people. If you are to have a burial for your loved one, you can currently have a graveside service with a maximum of ten people attending.


During any funeral service you attend, please remember to stay two metres apart from anyone who does not live within your household. Also, refrain from making physical contact with anyone outside of your household, which we understand is extremely difficult at such an emotional time.

Where possible we are recommending the use of webcasting/live streaming of the funeral service (using professional or personal devices). This enables other mourners to still ‘virtually attend’ without putting themselves and others at risk of harm.

While it is still possible to place death notices in newspapers and online, we are strongly recommending that the funeral day and time are omitted. This is to prevent people with the best intentions, trying to attend the service. Being turned away could be extremely upsetting for them.

We are more than willing to support families to organise a memorial service or celebration of life service at a later date. Please talk to a member of our team about this, and they can offer advice or provide any information you may require.


Although you cannot organise the send-off that you may of have imagined for your loved one, please be assured that we remain committed to the highest possible standards of care and professionalism.

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